elias1             I was born in Athens, Greece in 1965.

Dating with the camera turned into a more serious relationship in 1985, as I was introduced to basic composition principles and darkroom techniques at St. Martins School of Art & Design in London.

Since 1986, while studying Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens, I used photography to present various projects, mainly through B&W pictures of architectural models.

Starting my professional career as an Architect in 1993, I wanted to be able to photograph everything that my firm was designing and constructing. This gradually led me in purchasing a full range of specialized lenses needed for architectural photography along with all other equipment, necessary for a transition from analog to digital photography .

Eventually, this side activity of mine became autonomous and I started photographing projects for other Architects as well as anybody else in need of such imagery.

Throughout my course in Architectural Photography I found out that being an Architect as well as a Photographer, works as a relative advantage because it helps me to fully comprehend and then successfully visualize each other Architect’s ideas and designs.

Contact Information :

Email :    eliashandelis@gmail.com

Phone: +30 6976795400

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